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"Crusha" Buckets

CB80 Crusha Bucket
Crusha Bucket in Action

The Anross crusher buckets are designed for use on mini to midi range excavators. They are ideally suited for use in small waste transfer stations and in small construction and demolition sites. The crushed aggregate can be recycled for use as sub-base, thereby eliminating tipping charges for the disposal of the waste in landfill sites.

The buckets are powered from the standard hydraulic breaker circuit on the excavator, with the reciprocating action of the crushing jaw being fully automatic in operation. It operates on the moving jaw principle and, with twin rams, it can tackle concrete, bricks and blocks with ease. This compact design keeps the mass of the bucket close to the excavator arm for added stability.

Alternative product sizes over a nominal range of 40mm to 100mm can be made by adjusting the jaw pivot with packing pieces. A throughput of up to 14 tonnes per hour is possible with the CB80 model.

Using "Hardox 450" and "Hardox 500" material extensively in its construction, the"Crusha" Bucket is a product built to last.

"Crusha" Model Reference CB25 CB50 CB100
Excavator Weight (tonnes) 2.5 - 4 4 - 8 9 - 16
Bucket Width - External (mm) 620 680 930
Bucket Width - Internal (mm) 560 635 745
Jaw Opening (mm) 320 350 430
Nominal Product Size Range (mm) (adjustable) 40 - 100
Working Weight * (kgs) (approx) 485 750 1300
Required Flow (Lpm) 50 - 80 60 - 90 90 - 110

* Bucket weight plus the mounting bracket and pins

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