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Expander Bolts

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The problem of pivot wear in machinery and equipment is well known. Even with close original tolerances, the holes in the lugs will begin to wear. This process accelerates and the holes become oval, which affects both the efficiency and stability of the machine. Repairing the lugs is expensive and time consuming and is still only temporary; wear will appear again. The Expander System has been developed to permanently solve this problem.

The Expander System consists of an axle, which is tapered at both ends, expansion sleeves, pressure washers and fastening elements. The parallel expansion of the sleeves eliminates play in the pivot lugs.


The Expander System has endless possibilities. It can be used on any equipment with mechanical pivots. It can be used on construction machinery, offshore oil drilling rigs or as safety bolts on airplanes or trains.


Position charts

expander measuring chart